Mishima Daikon, a winter delicacy

Mishima Daikon” grown with a view of Mt.

It is one of the traditional vegetables representing the western foothills of Hakone. Daikon has long been cultivated in Mishima, and around the early Showa period (1926-1989), Gentaro Hirai made Mishima’s daikon famous by selling it to the public along with “Nohbeibushi”. Even today, Mishima is one of the leading daikon producing areas in Shizuoka Prefecture.

In season “November-April”

Winter daikon has a deep flavor because it stores sugar to protect itself from the cold of the mountains. Spring daikon has a high water content and is very fresh. Also, the shape of daikon depends on the nature of the soil in which it is grown. In this respect, the soil at the western foot of Hakone is made of volcanic ash. The soil does not harden even if it rains, so daikon radishes, which have deep roots, can grow without stress. Daikon radishes grown without stress grow healthily and have a glossy skin. They also have a strong sweetness and soft texture because they store sugar to protect themselves from the winter cold.

“SAKAMONOMO” becomes delicious.

Unique Environment